Lots of Work Day

In Uni today, trying to do as much of the website design and portfolio planning as possible.

Three images for you to look at:


This is the header from the top of the page, with the break in the middle. Two layers, bottom one features a gorgeous brush from the ‘Romantic Disasters’ set, found at Bittbox. Then a grey layer on top, using the same shade as the blog background, then brushed away with a Photoshop standard textured brush, give the torn away effect. The font is Nina, naturally!



This is the initial design for my creative business card. It is inspired by my favourite card researched on DeviantArt, which can be seen in the earlier post. I like the blue bars in the bottom left corner – it adds interest and contrast to the piece. The birds make an appearance again, I dig them so I’m trying to pop them in where I can. There’s a gradient on the green border, which makes it a bit more eye-catching than the inspiration piece. It’s not final, and may be scrapped, just thought I should get it up here.

Final skecth times on website now, will scan when home.

Final thing, I caught this yesterday, it’s a set of lego adverts. I love lego, I played with it constantly when I was younger. I would love to incorporate it into some small aspect of my website. Not sure yet, just an idea. Hmm.. Might have to buy a bucket of bricks and be a 7 year old again.


~ by ctplat on March 17, 2009.

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